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  • Aden + Anais
    Aden + Anais
  • Bamboo Body
    Bamboo Body

    Bamboo Body, designed in Australia, has the philosophy of LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD, DO GOOD, and we want that for our Applecart Mum's too.

    Bamboo Body clothing is not only natural and highly sustainable, but classically designed, flattering and beautiful. Their pieces are created to be versatile, keeping you comfortable and in style no matter what you are doing throughout your busy day.

    Bamboo Body garments can be mixed and matched, are trans-seasonal and will stand the test of time.

  • Becalm Baby
    Becalm Baby
  • Bedhead Hats
    Bedhead Hats
  • Binnie Beads
    Binnie Beads

    Our exclusive brand of Binnie Beads - 100% Natural Certified Baltic Amber is made in Lithuania and each bracelet / necklace is lovingly made, our 100% Baltic Amber guarantee mini-certificate, packaged with users instructions and in an oganza bag. Handcrafted and is 33cm in length, it is warm to touch, and light to wear

    Please beware of other sellers stating they sell "Baltic amber" yet the amber may be mined in China, Africa, Australia, India or Tibet, this is Copal and is not the same as Baltic Amber. We have a Mini-Certificate supplied by our manufacturer in Lithuania in all of our packaged Necklaces & Bracelets. Amber is not a “stone” but a natural resin.


    A nursing necklace may also be worn by anyone who spends any amount of time around a baby, such as grandmothers, or child carers. It keeps little fingers occupied and keeps curious babies and toddlers from playing with hair or clothing instead!
    These beautiful necklaces are made from multi-coloured polished amber beads: 14 round amber beads plus a large, beautifully translucent amber piece set in the centre.
    The different sizes, colours and textures of the amber beads stimulate baby’s tactile and visual senses and thereby aid intellectual development.

  • Bobble Art
    Bobble Art
  • Bumkins


  • Columbine NZ
    Columbine NZ

    Using the highest quality raw materials and strictest attention to detail, Columbine have been making quality women's and children's hosiery and socks in New Zealand since 1951.

    Applecart Kids are proud to be an online Australian stockist, choosing to stock the best of their baby and children's hosiery range including their beautiful quality children's winter merino wool tights and socks.

  • Warmies
  • Cuski
  • ergoPouch

    ergoPouch Australia - always natural - at Applecart Kids

    ergoPouch. Always natural. Best selling Sleep Suit / Sleep Bags, organic Sleeping Bags, Swaddles & organic Sleepwear.

    ergoPouch choose only natural fibres for their products. Cotton, bamboo and merino are all great at promoting better sleep as they are breathable and keep your baby’s temperature constant throughout the night.

    Organic cotton is natural, renewable and biodegradable. It benefits both cotton producers and the environment by avoiding the harmful effects of toxic pesticides.

    By choosing organic cotton, bamboo or merino for your baby, you are you are benefiting your baby's skin. Babies have thinner skin that is more easily irritated, so all ergoPouch products are made using vegetable dyes and are free from fire retardants.

  • Lambskins
  • Lamington NZ
    Lamington NZ

    Sick of buying socks for her daughters that either wouldn't stay up or were too short, Lamington's Sarah Teensma made it her mission to create a knee high sock for Kiwi kids that were snuggly warm, colourful and difficult for even the most determined baby to pull off!

    Lamington Socks are available in a a range of sizes to fit babies, toddlers, kids and Mum's ... with NEW Cable Merino tights available now too!

  • Little Bamboo
    Little Bamboo

    Little Bamboo is a beautiful and soft nursery range of delicate muslin, super soft towelling, sensuous sheeting and beautiful blankets.

    The Little Bamboo range was developed to be both incredibly functional and extremely aesthetic. It's the result of extensive research and development and is one of the most comprehensive and innovative ranges of bamboo baby textiles the world over.

    Little Bamboo products are softer, more breathable, and warmer or cooler when needed.

    We hope you enjoy this beautiful range of Little Bamboo baby linen we offer here at Applecart Kids.

  • Lyn's Label
    Lyn's Label

    Lyn's Label lovingly design and make classic yet stylish organic baby items that are unique, luxurious and practical for both mother and baby.

  • Merino Kids
    Merino Kids

    Amie Nilsson started Merino Kids in New Zealand back in 2003, born out of necessity for her first daughter Lillybelle who kept waking up cold in the night after wriggling out of her blankets.

    Amie tried a baby sleep bag that a friend had lent her only to find that the synthetics in the product gave Lily a terrible heat rash due to moisture that was being trapped next to the skin.

    A search for natural products uncovered no natural solutions and she was shocked at the number of synthetic products that had flooded the market. More so she was dismayed at the size and state of this unregulated global industry.

    Using her background in textile design and her knowledge of merino as a 100% natural wonder fibre, she set about creating the safest, most functional yet innovative and beautiful sleeping bags and sleepwear, all made from only nature’s best 100% natural materials.  

    Merino Kids is now an international award winning company that Applecart Kids is truly honoured to offer online, right here in Australia. 

    If you want the best that nature + design has to offer, look no further than Merino Kids.

  • Marquise
  • one.chew.three
  • Puddle Jumpers
    Puddle Jumpers
  • Sweet Cheeks Merino
    Sweet Cheeks Merino

    Sweet Cheeks Merino Baby & Children's Clothing

    Sweet Cheeks Merino is a small New Zealand company formed by two mothers to create beautiful babies and children’s clothing using only the finest 100% pure New Zealand Merino that is not only natural but ecologically sound.

    All Sweet Cheeks merino clothing and products are proudly grown, milled and made in New Zealand.

    Sweet Cheeks designs are simple, yet practical and stylish, but most importantly keep your child warm and cosy throughout the seasons.

  • Rainkoat Rainwear
    Rainkoat Rainwear

    Rainkoat create deliciously bright, beautiful, soft yet durable rainwear for kids! Raincoats and overalls. Sizes 1-7 years.

  • Rashoodz Swimwear
    Rashoodz Swimwear

    Rashoodz UV Sun Safe Baby & Toddler Swimwear

    Rashoodz. Revolutionary sun-safe swimwear for babies, toddlers and kids.

    Two clever Mums realised a need for baby/toddler swimwear that allowed for a free, easy and sun-safe time at the beach or pool. 

    Together they designed a UPF50+ swimsuit with a snap-on snap-off legionnaire style swim hat that has revolutionised the sun-safe swimwear industry. Adding clips to the sunsuit also made it quick and easy for nappy changes.

    Rashoodz now design a complete range of sun-safe swimwear for babies and children up to 6 years of age. Proudly Australian owned and designed.

  • Sock Ons
    Sock Ons
  • Weegoamigo

    Weegoamigo ... "Wee" (parent and child) "go" (travel) "amigo" (friend)

    The Weegoamigo collection of blankets, bedding and natural muslin swaddles have been created in beautiful, fun and gorgeous prints for babies and toddlers worldwide.

    Weegoamigo are focused on designing products that defy the mainstream. Function, quality and fun are key ingredients but never at the expense of good looks! Blankets and muslins are constant companions for your little ones in their first years, so why surround your child with bleak when you can surround them with chic?

    Enjoy being at home or on the go with Weegoamigo and Applecart Kids.

  • Woolbabe

    Worried your baby is cold during these frosty winter nights? Relax! They'll be cosy in their Woolbabe Baby Sleeping Bag.

    Woolbabe Duvet Sleeping Bags are one of the warmest, cosiest, snuggliest baby sleeping bags available. Used with our own children, we know first hand how brilliant these are for keeping your baby or toddler warm and cosy, even on the chilliest of winter nights.

    Woolbabe sleeping bags are the only sleeping bag in the world that has a quilted wool filling. This wool filling is like the warm cosy fill used in your favourite wool doona.

    Wool effectively traps in warmth to keep baby cosy all night long. Most importantly however, it also releases excess heat and moisture to ensure baby stays dry and doesn't overheat.

    Woolbabe baby sleeping bags are also available in a lightweight Summer and a double layered 3 Seasons baby sleeping bag to keep your little one cosy and warm all year round.

  • Therapee

    The device consists of two parts: the control unit (bedwetting alarm) and the sensor pad.

    The sensor pad is placed underneath the sheet (not touching the child’s body). The bedwetting alarm is placed on a chair or a nightstand next to the child’s bed and connected with a thin cable to the pad.


    In the case of a nighttime accident, the ultra-sensitive bedwetting alarm is activated at the first hint of wetness.

    The parent should then come to the child’s room, help them to wake up (in the event that they do not wake up themselves), and send them to the bathroom.

    By repeating this ritual every night, we work to condition the child’s reflex system. The child learns to make a subconscious connection between the bedwetting incident, the sound of the alarm (even if they initially didn’t wake by themselves), and the unpleasant experience of waking up in the middle of the night and going to the bathroom.


    But the bedwetting alarm itself is not enough to guide the child to complete dryness. Together with the online software monitoring the progress and guiding the patient towards dry nights, THERAPEE™ will help your child overcome this most common, yet fixable problem.


    STOPEE™ is considered to be the best bedwetting alarm on the market. It was designed by Dr. Sagie’s team over a period of three years. Development of the device was based on thirty years of experience with different bedwetting alarms and took into consideration human factors for optimal needs, efficiency, and friendly usage. STOPEE™ is based on the latest technology and has unique features, such as a sensitivity control button that allows you to adjust the desired sensitivity level and avoid false alarms due to humidity and sweat. It is very accurate and responds quickly following the first drop of urine. The loud speaker is very strong to suit deep-sleeping patients but can be adjusted by volume control. It has ten different types of sounds. The device also has a special tool button to prevent undesired changes in the device’s setting due to accidental pressing of the setting buttons. (Children tend to explore the device by pressing the different buttons. The tool button locks the other buttons.)


    The sensor pad is a breakthrough in the development of sensor pads. It offers comfortable sleep by using very soft medical-approved EVA but at the same time ensures protection of the metal conductor, which is attached to the EVA sensor pad. This was achieved by applying the most advanced technique of high-frequency welding.


    This bedwetting alarm is the safest on the market. Since there is no radio transmitter, it has no risk of radiation. Children sleep completely free, with no wires or objects attached to their body. The sensor pad is placed under the bedsheet, which eliminates any risk of suffocation or skin irritation.

    This bedwetting alarm exceeds the most stringent safety requirements and regulations for children’s medical devices under both the FDA and the European CE.

    Please refer to safety certifications.


    The best bedwetting alarm and most advanced device on the market

    • Safe, reliable, and comfortable (no child resistance to using the device)
    • Automatic child lock to avoid unintentional changes of bedwetting alarm settings
    • 7 degrees of sensitivity level to prevent false alarms
    • Volume control
    • 10 types of sounds
    • Special reset button
    • Large sensor pad to detect bedwetting
    • Accurate and fast response
    • Strong loud speaker; suitable for deep-sleep patients
    • No wires attached to a child’s body
    • Bedwetting alarm detached from the child’s body (placed on a chair next to the bed)
    • No radiation hazard
    • Friendly user interface; control panel is easily accessible
    • LED indicators for different functions
    • Low battery consumption

    RRP: $499.0

  • Peeka Pouch
    Peeka Pouch

    Our Reusable Food Pouches are perfect for babies, toddlers and even school kids.

  • PureBaby
Bird Apple

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