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A good nights sleep is essential for healthy, growing, bright-eyed kids (and highly sought after by Mums and Dads too).

So to help your little one get cosy and comfy, ready for a restful night under the covers, here are our favourite bedtime comforts to help lull them gently to sleep.

Start with a gorgeous pair of cosy kids PJ's and add your choice of baby comforter or heat pack to warm and comfort their little heart until sleep takes hold.

Sweet dreams ...

  • baby comforters
    baby comforters

    Does your baby need a comforter?

    Baby comforters are recommended by sleep experts and 'baby whisperers' in place of other sleeping or comforting aids which may, over time, become a problem – such as rocking, patting, feeding or giving baby a dummy to suck on while going to sleep.

    Baby comforters are a great alternative to these type of sleep or comforting aids. They aren't as demanding on us as parents or carers, and allow baby to self settle on their own.

    Buying and introducing a baby comforter - hints, tips & tricks

    Baby Comforters - hints, tips and tricks

    1. Babies love simplicity, consistency and routine. Choose a comforter which is simple in design (the less fussy the better), compact, lightweight and easy to take with you wherever you go.

    2. For safety, avoid anything bulky or furry, with loose fibers, removable parts or lots of fussy adornments. 

    3. Before introducing your baby to his or her new comforter, sleep with it in your bed or carry it around in your clothes for a day or two to allow it to absorb all those comforting mummy/daddy smells. These are the smells that will help to soothe and calm baby, making them feel safe and secure.

    4. For the first few months, make sure this is the only comforter or toy in your baby's cot at bedtime. Otherwise he/she may adopt something else which may be impractical or difficult to replace! It also gives baby the best chance of success to 'bond' with the comforter you've chosen.

    5. Buy more than one! You never know when your baby's comforter may be lost, or just needs a wash. Have 2 or 3 on hand so they can be washed and rotated and your baby isn't left without one. Important if their comforter also becomes a sleep aid!

    All of our baby comforters at Applecart Kids have been chosen for their safety, quality, effectiveness as a comforter and overall lovability from both babies and their parents.

    We're confident you and your baby will love them too!

  • heat packs
    heat packs

    Our Cozy Plush bedwarmer heat pack collection includes a gorgeous range of fully microwavable animal toys that will warm your child's heart and soul.

    Filled with natural wheat and gently scented with lavender, these beautiful soft and furry friends are designed to soothe, warm, comfort and relax.

    Simply heat in a microwave for two minutes to provide hours of soothing warmth and comfort.

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